The Hard Texts with Michael Chan: Spiritual Practices and Hermeneutical Approaches for Preaching the Bible’s Most Challenging Passages


October 26th, 2020

55 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

This workshop was presented at the virtual 2020 Craft of Preaching. Preachers everywhere have had this experience: We encounter texts that make us uncomfortable, and instead of preaching on them, we set them aside in favor of less unruly options. As American churches become more ideologically and educationally sorted, the temptation to avoid and dismiss uncomfortable texts will become greater. But sweeping untidy texts under the proverbial rug creates more problems than it solves. As preachers, we may think we are doing our congregations a favor when we hide theological problems from them. We are not. At the heart of the Protestant Reformation is an epic struggle with some of the Bible’s most challenging texts. Engagement with hard texts is part of our theological inheritance. This workshop will encourage preachers to tackle unloved texts in ways that publicly confront harmful interpretations and create stronger readers who are able to wrestle with discomfort. The Craft of Preaching was hosted in the Faith+Lead learning lab.