More Than a Story: Strategies for Teaching the Bible's Poetic Texts with Cameron B.R. Howard


October 26th, 2020

30 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

This workshop was held at the virtual 2020 Craft of Preaching. Much of our preaching tends to focus on narrative: the stories of Jesus, the stories of the Old Testament, or even “God’s story” as it unfolds across the Bible. Yet over one quarter of the Bible is poetry, not prose. While some of these poems also tell stories, most function in a very different way than narrative: voicing emotion, praising or crying out to God, or, as in the prophets, imagining a future of either judgment or hope. In this workshop, we will review the characteristics of biblical poetry and explore strategies for preaching the poems of the Bible effectively, with particular attention to poetic texts from RCL Year B. The Craft of Preaching was hosted in the Faith+Lead learning lab.